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Qingming Shanghe Tu Bridge
Attr. Zhang Zeduan, Qingming Festival on the River, detail: Rainbow Bridge

Séminaire Paris-Heidelberg (Sabine Frommel-Sarah Fraser)

Date : 7 juin 2024

Heure : 13:30
Lieu : INHA, salle Benjamin

Chercheur(s) Intervenant(s)


Prof. Dr. Sarah E. Fraser Chair Professor, East Asian Art History Head, Institute for East Asian Art, Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies Heidelberg University

1.30 pm  EPHE PhD Candidates (total 50 mins.)

Céline PisseloupThe teaching of the carpenter master   manuscript Shōmei  匠明 (10 mins.)

Liu Heng, Church Art in Macau, 1582-1644.   (20 mins.)

Xiao WuHospitals in Italy during the Renaissance (10 mins.)

Hui WangRepresentation of architecture in Italian   Renaissance Paintings [MA Student] (10 mins.)




2.35 pm  Heidelberg PhD Candidates (5 mins. ea., total 45 mins.)

Wang Fengyu, Reproductions of Japanese Illuminated   Handscrolls from the Meiji to the Digital Era, 1868-2021

Wang Jialu, China’s Artistic Diaspora in the Context of Nation   Building, 1912-1949

Qiu Wenzhuo, The Changing Landscape: Scientific Realism   and New Methods for Depicting Scenery in Early   20th Century

Wang Yuechen, Exploring Transcultural Dynamics in Modern   Tibetan Art with Special Attention on Han Artists’ Practices   and Indigenous Responses

Mei Lin, Buddhist Pantheon in Cave Shrines, 5th-8th c.

Yu Haoming, [Chinese lang only] Transformation of China’s Art   Institutions, 1945-  1947 China

Li Chenqi, Starry Sky and Prosperous Earth, Tomb Art and   Ritual Practice in Eastern Han China, 1st-3rd Centuries

Wang Hui, Super Flat, The Avant-Garde of Flatness, Cartoon,   and Toys: Global Contemporary Art Post-1989 and   Metaverse of the Spectacle

Sono Yuan Werhahn, On Censorship of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Art (2014-2019)



Coffee break


4.15 pm  Seminar: Prof. Dr. Sabine Frommel,            

  Les relations entre l’Empire ottoman et la Renaissance italienne   dans le domaine de l’architecture sacrée