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Josef Schulz, Column
capital, the Belvedere
in the Royal Garden of
Prague Castle, 1865
collodion negative,
digitally inverted, verso,
160 × 145 mm, IAH CAS
Josef Schulz, Column capital, the Belvedere in the Royal Garden of Prague Castle, 1865 collodion negative, digitally inverted, verso, 160 × 145 mm, IAH CAS

International symposium / Renaissance Principles and Their Early Modern Reception: European Currents and Local Appropriations / 11—12 June 2024

Dates : 11—12 June 2024
Lieu : Prague

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Pablo Ferri (EPHE – PSL, Paris) Lucía Pérez (EPHE – PSL, Paris) Mariia Ovsianikova (EPHE – PSL, Paris) Adéla Bricínová (Charles University, Prague and EPHE – PSL, Paris) Valentina Burgassi (Politecnico di Torino)

Colloquium organized by the Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences (IAH CAS), as part of the program “Strategie AV 21” of the Czech Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with CEFRES French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences (Prague), École Pratique des Hautes Études – PSL (Paris), Institut für Kunstgeschichte der Julius-Maximilians-Universität (Würzburg), Bayerisch-Tschechische Hochschulagentur (Regensburg), Politecnico di Torino, DAD, CSELT (Turin), Universidad de Jaén, Charles University (Prague), National Gallery (Prague).



Tuesday, 11 June 2024


CEFRES — Na Florenci 3, Praha 1




Claire Madl (CEFRES, Prague)

Sabine Frommel (EPHE – PSL, Paris)

Eckhard Leuschner (University of Würzburg)

Taťána Petrasová (IAH CAS, Prague)



Panel 1

chaired by Sabine Frommel (EPHE – PSL, Paris)


Miguel Ángel Carrasco Sánchez (University of Jaén)

The Benavides Family as Promoters of Renaissance Architectural Language in the Old Kingdom of Jaén


Gabriel Pereira (University of Coimbra)

The Different Stages of Renaissance Architecture: Joao de Castilho’s Work in Tomar


Jakub Kříž (Masaryk University, Brno)

The Renaissance Portal of the Olomouc Town Hall and the Problem of the Antique Mode in Moravia in the 1530s


Pablo Ferri (EPHE – PSL, Paris)

Medicean Villas in the Annunciation During the Italian Renaissance



Coffee break



Panel 2

chaired by Pedro Antonio Galera Andreu (University of Jaén)


Felix Schmieder (PALAMUSTO, University of Warsaw)

Living Between Cultures: Renaissance Residences of Catherine Jagiellon in Poland and Sweden


Lucía Pérez (EPHE – PSL, Paris)

Diego Siloé and His Contemporaries: Some Thoughts on Funeral Chapels


Mariia Ovsianikova (EPHE – PSL, Paris)

The Imaginary Temple: Constructing the Identity of the Christian Temple in Italian Painting of the 15th–16th Centuries



Lunch break



Panel 3

chaired by Eckhard Leuschner (University of Würzburg)


Clara Giorda-Léoni (EPHE – PSL, Paris)

The Hanged Man: A Visual Discourse and Exploration of Capital Punishment


Christina Hablik (University of Würzburg)

Transfer and Transformation of Pictorial Ideas: The Likeness of Julius II as a Means of Propaganda in the Conflict Between the Papacy and France (1510–1513)


Annemarie Graf (University of Würzburg)

The Prints of Previous Centuries: Collecting Renaissance Prints in the Second Half of the 17th Century



Coffee break



Panel 4

chaired by Taťána Petrasová (IAH CAS, Prague)


Corinna Gannon (Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main)

The Material Hybridity of Rudolfine Kunstkammer Objects and the Notion of Universality


Tadeáš Kadlec (Charles University and IAH CAS, Prague)

Count Michna’s Palace in Prague: Its Origins and Meanings


Robert Seegert (University of Würzburg)

Renaissance Paintings Collected by High-Ranking Clerics in Southern Germany During the 18th Century: The Example of the Würzburg Prince-Bishops


Adéla Bricínová (Charles University, Prague and EPHE – PSL, Paris)

Projects for the Reconstruction of the Castle in Bečov nad Teplou: Castles in the Sky by Duke Alfred Beaufort-Spontin


Closing remarks


Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences — Husova 4, Praha 1



Historical Photographs of Renaissance Architecture in the IAH CAS Collection

Tour of the collection with the curator Petra Trnková (IAH CAS, Prague)



CEFRES — Na Florenci 3, Praha 1


Panel 5

chaired by Valentina Burgassi (Politecnico di Torino)


Tomáš Murár (IAH CAS, Prague)

Weltgeist or Weltanschauung? The Search for the Meaning of the Italian Renaissance in Late 19th Century Art History


Lorenzo Fecchio (Politecnico di Torino)

The Anglo-American Rediscovery of Italian Renaissance Gardens


Valeria Sedleryonok (The Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice)

The Art of Reception: Venetian Renaissance Painting as Seen in Early 19th Century Venice


Lunch break



National Gallery Prague, Waldstein Riding School — Valdštejnská 3, Praha 1


Exhibition: From Michelangelo to Callot. The Art of Mannerist Printmaking

Guided tour with the main curator Alena Volrábová (National Gallery Prague) and co-author Sylva Dobalová (IAH CAS, Prague)



Prague Castle, Summer House Belvedere, Ballroom — Mariánské hradby 52/1, Praha 1


Richard Biegel (Charles University, Prague) and Sylva Dobalová (IAH CAS, Prague)

Renaissance Architecture and the Context of the Emperor’s Gardens



Closing remarks

Qingming Shanghe Tu Bridge
Attr. Zhang Zeduan, Qingming Festival on the River, detail: Rainbow Bridge

Séminaire Paris-Heidelberg (Sabine Frommel-Sarah Fraser)

Date : 7 juin 2024

Heure : 13:30
Lieu : INHA, salle Benjamin

Chercheur(s) Intervenant(s)


Prof. Dr. Sarah E. Fraser Chair Professor, East Asian Art History Head, Institute for East Asian Art, Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies Heidelberg University

1.30 pm  EPHE PhD Candidates (total 50 mins.)

Céline PisseloupThe teaching of the carpenter master   manuscript Shōmei  匠明 (10 mins.)

Liu Heng, Church Art in Macau, 1582-1644.   (20 mins.)

Xiao WuHospitals in Italy during the Renaissance (10 mins.)

Hui WangRepresentation of architecture in Italian   Renaissance Paintings [MA Student] (10 mins.)




2.35 pm  Heidelberg PhD Candidates (5 mins. ea., total 45 mins.)

Wang Fengyu, Reproductions of Japanese Illuminated   Handscrolls from the Meiji to the Digital Era, 1868-2021

Wang Jialu, China’s Artistic Diaspora in the Context of Nation   Building, 1912-1949

Qiu Wenzhuo, The Changing Landscape: Scientific Realism   and New Methods for Depicting Scenery in Early   20th Century

Wang Yuechen, Exploring Transcultural Dynamics in Modern   Tibetan Art with Special Attention on Han Artists’ Practices   and Indigenous Responses

Mei Lin, Buddhist Pantheon in Cave Shrines, 5th-8th c.

Yu Haoming, [Chinese lang only] Transformation of China’s Art   Institutions, 1945-  1947 China

Li Chenqi, Starry Sky and Prosperous Earth, Tomb Art and   Ritual Practice in Eastern Han China, 1st-3rd Centuries

Wang Hui, Super Flat, The Avant-Garde of Flatness, Cartoon,   and Toys: Global Contemporary Art Post-1989 and   Metaverse of the Spectacle

Sono Yuan Werhahn, On Censorship of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Art (2014-2019)



Coffee break


4.15 pm  Seminar: Prof. Dr. Sabine Frommel,            

  Les relations entre l’Empire ottoman et la Renaissance italienne   dans le domaine de l’architecture sacrée


Colloque international / Processing Memory in Art History and Heritage – Politiche delle arti e memoria collettiva / Roma, 15-16.05.2024

Dates : 15-16.05.2024
Lieu : Roma, Accademia Nazionale di San Luca

Chercheur(s) Intervenant(s)

Processing Memory in Art History and Heritage – Politiche delle arti e memoria collettiva

a cura di Irene Baldriga e Marco Ruffini

15 – 16 maggio 2024

dalle ore 09.30

Roma, Accademia Nazionale di San Luca

International    Conference on the Historical Process of Cancellation and Manipulation of Images and of their Impact in the Elaboration of Cultural and Political Identities promoted by Sapienza Università di Roma, in collaboration   with   Ecole du Louvre, Equipe Histara (EPHE-PSL, Parigi), Centro de Estudios Museo del Prado.

International conference / People, Books and Models. The Order of St John and the circulation of architectural ideas between Malta and Europe. / 17-19 April 2024, Valletta (Malta)

Dates : 17-19 avril 2024
Lieu : La Valette (Malte)

Chercheur(s) Intervenant(s)


Valentina Burgassi
Pour suivre le colloque en ligne : https://universityofmalta.zoom.us/j/93503465337
Site de l’université de Malte : https://www.um.edu.mt/events/peoplebooksmodels2024/


Workshop / ArchDebates III: Islamic Landscape Architecture and the Making of the Renaissance Garden

Date : 21 mars 2024

Heure : 14:00
Lieu : Madrid

Chercheur(s) Intervenant(s)

Die 3. Veranstaltung in der Reihe „Diskussionen zur Architektur in der Archäologie“ widmet sich der Frage nach den islamischen Wurzeln der europäischen Landschaftsarchitektur. Immer wieder sind Ähnlichkeiten zwischen der Gestaltung islamischer und Renaissancegärten beobachtet worden, von der Terrassierung und der Wertschätzung des Blicks bis zum Einsatz von Wasser als Gestaltungsmittel. In dem gemeinsam mit der École Pratique des Hautes Études (Paris) und der Escuela de Estudios Árabes (CSIC) organisierten Workshop soll der Frage nachgegangen werden, inwiefern diese Gemeinsamkeiten auf einen Kulturaustausch zurück gehen, oder auf parallele kulturelle Entwicklungen.

The third event in the series « Discussions on Architecture in Archaeology » is dedicated to the question of the Islamic roots of European landscape architecture. Similarities between the design of Islamic and Renaissance gardens have been observed time and again, from terracing and the appreciation of views to the use of water as a design element. The workshop, organized jointly with the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Paris) and the Escuela de Estudios Árabes (CSIC), will explore the extent to which these similarities are the result of cultural exchange or parallel cultural developments.

El tercer encuentro de la serie « Debates sobre arquitectura en arqueología » está dedicado a la cuestión de las raíces islámicas de la arquitectura paisajista europea. Las similitudes entre el diseño de los jardines islámicos y renacentistas se han observado una y otra vez, desde el aterrazamiento y la apreciación de la vista hasta el uso del agua como elemento de diseño. El taller, organizado conjuntamente con la École Pratique des Hautes Études (París) y la Escuela de Estudios Árabes (CSIC), explorará hasta qué punto estas similitudes son el resultado de intercambios culturales o de desarrollos culturales paralelos.

Journée d’études Histara (EPHE-PSL) – École du Louvre / L’histoire de l’art à l’époque de sa transmission médiatique. Perspectives historiographiques / École du Louvre, 13 mars 2024

Date : 13 mars 2024

Heure : 09:00
Lieu : Paris, École du Louvre

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