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Conférence de Sabine Frommel : « Painted Architecture from Bramante to Baldassarre Peruzzi: Origin, Form and Meaning » / 12.10.2022, Prague

Date : 12 octobre 2022

Heure : 16:30
Lieu : INSTITUTE OF ART HISTORY, CZECH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Husova 4, Praha 1, 1. patro, č. 117

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This lecture focuses on the representation of architecture in frescoes, panel painting and intarsia from the pontificate of Jules II

(1503–1513) to Leo X (1513–1521) and in particular on Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael and Baldassare Peruzzi. The aim is

to point out the typological origins of such representations, their relationship with projects or with the actual buildings and their

meaning in a precise narrative context. Furthermore, we wish to underline how architectural theory, mainly the assimilation

of Vitruvian principles, became a favorite subject not only for painter-architects to explore new solutions but also for painters

to exhibit their knowledge of classical model patterns. We will try to single out the evolution of such tradition and reciprocal

influences between fictive and real architecture during the Renaissance